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Sustainable. Affordable. Accessible

Carbon Zero Mobility is an innovative and sustainable electric transport solution provider committed to making sustainable transport accessible to all Kenyans.


Eco-friendly design

Both the Dominion-150 and Dominion-300 are non-carbon emitters and noise-free vehicles, making them great choices for those who care about the environment and want to reduce their carbon footprint.

They're also equipped with inbuilt charging systems that employ an open-source approach to charging, which means you can recharge them using any 240V power source, making them both convenient and sustainable.


Impressive speed and power:

The Dominion-150 and Dominion-300 both feature high-performance motor hub systems that allow them to reach impressive speeds of up to 70KM/hr and 100KM/hr respectively. With high torques of about 10-15 seconds for the Dominion-150 and 5-10 seconds for the Dominion-300 to reach maximum speed, these bikes are sure to give you an exciting and thrilling ride every time.


Comfortable and Affordable

Both models are designed with comfort in mind, featuring steady and firm frames that can carry up to 250Kg payloads, making them ideal for public transport and courier services providers. And while they're high-performance bikes, they're also designed to be affordable and accessible to all Kenyans, so you can ride in style without breaking the bank. With their 80KM range per charge, you'll save on fuel costs and maintenance expenses in the long run.


Through partnerships with American technology providers and the Kenya Climate Innovation Centre, Carbon Zero Mobility is working to pilot a suitable model for electric vehicle market development and sustainable distribution in Kenya and East Africa. The Dominion EV Partner section highlights the important role that these partners play in helping Carbon Zero Mobility achieve its mission of revolutionizing the Kenyan transport sector through sustainable technology. Visitors to the Dominion EV Partner section can learn more about the specific partnerships and collaborations that are driving this important work and how they are contributing to a cleaner, greener future for transportation in Africa.


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